Help Us Finish the Next Chapter

Posted by d2cadmin on May 20, 2014 News | | No comments

We’re knee-deep in the trenches of recording an album. A whole lot of time, work, money, commitment, scheduling, gear (not to mention blood, sweat, and tears) have gone into it so far.

Support our Indiegogo campaign to finish up our first EP.

We can’t begin to explain how amazing it has been to finally get our music into the studio. This chapter has been an exciting one for the band but we need some help finishing it. That’s why we’re reaching out to you – our fans, friends, and family – with this Indiegogo campaign. We want to get our music out there and take it as far as it can go. We believe that we have something special laid down in these digital tracks and desperately want to share it with you but some definite reality has set in. We’ve been playing shows to fund the album and have seriously just spent our last dime! We can’t finish it! Between laying down tracks, editing, mixing, mastering, duplication, and booking our EP release tour – we’d be hard pressed to release this any time soon without your help!

Considering our humble beginning as a duo about a decade ago, we’ve come a long way. We’ve written a lot of music and have played a lot of shows. We wouldn’t be where we are now without our friends, family, and extended fanbase. Indiegogo (and other sites like it) are a really nice way to connect artists and fans (us and you!) to make all our EP release dreams come true. We’re hoping to build a stronger and even more personal relationship with our fans by making you a part of this Indiegogo campaign.

Believe us, we appreciate all your support so far; coming to shows and cheering us on along the way.  It means the world to us that you’re here to consider helping us one more time for a cause that’s very important to us.  If you can’t afford to donate, just help us spread the word!

Support our Indiegogo campaign to finish up our first EP.